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Irena Diklić

Damir Jelisavčić and Aleksandra Djorić Jelisavčić

Slobodan Popović (page in preparation)

Zoran Živković

Nick Bostrom

Branislav Nikolić

Maja Bulatović

Dejan Rajković and Nina Rajković

Karl Schroeder

Dušan Inđić - Luiđi

Suzana Cvetićanin

Ivana Dragićević

Srdjan Samurović

Miloš and Ljubomir Aćimović

Ladislav Struharik

Nataša Stanić

Fred C. Adams

Petar Grujić

Tanja Berić

Momčilo Jovanović

Vesna Milošević-Zdjelar

Dejan Urošević

Nikola Božić

Aleksandar Antić


I apologize to all other dear people not mentioned here! They know how much I care for

and love them. They are the wood poet sang about:


That they might do this wonder thing;

Nathless I have been a tree amid the wood

And many a new thing understood

That was rank folly to my head before.




Great visionaries and personal icons:

(in no particular order!)


Philip K. Dick – visionary above all others, being re-discovered (sadly enough) 25 years after his death

Thomas Pynchon – “invisible” author of masterpieces such as “Gravity’s Rainbow” and “Crying of Lot 49”

Plato – you remember what A. N. Whitehead said about history of philosophy, don’t you?

Nick Cave – punk-rocker, poet, actor, novelist, a prototype of creative personality

R. Buckminster Fuller – “has better claim to the title of polymath than any man since Leonardo” (R. A. Wilson)

Borislav Pekić – the greatest writer of my hometown, Belgrade, and a universal visionary

Jorge Luis Borges – stories, poems, puzzles, riddles, the giant who defined modernity in literature

Sir Fred Hoyle – great astronomer, great person

Stephen Jay Gould – paleontologist, evolutionist, fighter for science and reason, writer of both style and substance

Rene Magritte – my favorite modern painter

Humphrey Bogart – king of actors, what else to say?

Kurt Gödel – all in all, perhaps the best brain of XX century (and one of its strangest characters)

Nikola Tesla – one of the greatest inventors of all time,

Carl Saganit’s 10 years since his death, and his vision is livelier than ever

Heraclitus of Ephesos – the world is fire!

Stanislaw Lem – the best SF author alive (stopped writing some time ago though). UPDATE: sadly enough, Lem expired on March 27, 2006; may he rest in peace!

Howard P. Lovecraft – controversial, scary and thought-provoking

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky – a fascinating early futurologist and rocket scientist

Leonard Cohen – last 30 years would be much harder without his music

Robert Anton Wilson – great writer, even greater conspiratologist

Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi – where did you think terms algebra and algorithm come from?

Ursula Le Guin – the second best SF author alive, but still a colossal figure

Strugatsky brothers – famous duo of Russian SF writers, every book of their wise, humane and noble

Donald E. Knuth – computer scientist and inventor of TeX

Maurits C. Escher – an artist who most successfully bridged the gap between science and art

Roger Bacon – a.k.a. doctor Mirabilis and not without reason

Arnold J. Toynbee – a historian wise beyond comprehension

Sid Meyer – the greatest game designer in the Galaxy (as of now)

Jodie Foster – the best actress of modern times

William S. Burroughs – language is a virus!

Orson Welles – a paradigm of cinematography as an art

Pieter Bruegel the Elder – best Rennaissance painter

Beatrice Tinsley – the best of many female astrophysicists, died tragically young

Ernesto Sabato – but also check this out! (but don’t be too harsh – was written long ago)

Empedocles of Acragas – one of the coolest figures in the history of Western thought

Michael Moorcock – father of the “multiverse” concept

Karl Adolph Anderssen – first (unofficial) chess grandmaster; played “Immortal” and “Evergreen” games

Gregory Chaitin – mathematics as a novel of suspense and mystery

Danilo Kiš – his imagined worlds are more real and alive than everyday reality

Richard Wagner – The Ring rules all

Freeman J. Dyson – great physicist and even greater visionary

Max Ernst – well, the second favorite modern painter, but a great inspiration nonetheless
















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